PsychDesert Productions is a production company based out of the Las Cruces/El Paso area. Our areas of expertise include short films, as well as music and promotional videos. PsychDesert strives to showcase the talent and beauty of our local area within the heart of our desert home.

Stay Psyched!

-Jordan, Angel, and Natalie

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Team Members

Natalie Streander: Writer/Director

Angel Sanchez: Cinematographer/Editor

Jordan P Jordan: Writer/Director

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Homegrown Outlawz-Breeze Music Video

Numb Teaser

RedCup Nation

Cardiel Botanica Ad

Don Vicente Tequila Commercial

La Cita Short Film

Storm Area 51

OddLab Glow Performance

New Mexico Water Resource Research Institute

Cycloid Pool Party

Katrina & Matt’s Wedding Video

Corporate Video (AOT)

Corporate Commercial 2019

Music Video 2018

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